Certificate of Tax Compliance

Certificate of Tax Compliance

We are pleased to announce that BNKC (Cambodia) Microfinance Institution Plc, has received its GOLD Awarded for tax compliance from General Department of Taxation.

This certificate of compliance is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff in meeting the expectations of our stakeholders – including ourselves, of course! This means that the business has consistently maintained filing deadlines for quarterly and annual taxes, and paid the correct amounts, on time. It also signifies that the company is in good standing with the General Department of Taxation and all its associated requirements. We are grateful to our staff, customers, and other stakeholders for their commitment and support as we continue to advance our business. Receiving the tax compliance certificate puts us in a strong position to continue to drive growth and profitability into the future. We’re proud to have been recognized for our commitment to transparency and compliance, and grateful for the confidence this demonstrates in our business. Congratulations to all of us!

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