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Message From CEO

CEO's Message.

Dear Valued Customers! I, KIM Soonjo, the Chief Executive of BNKC (Cambodia) Microfinance Plc.

The company was established in 2015 and now, due to the trust, the company has about 4,700 customers, loan services and support on behalf of the management of BNKC Microfinance Institution I would like to thank Deeply to all customers who have used the institution's loan services.


As well as growing with customers, the company has developed financial products that meet the needs of customers and provide a variety of financial services that customers can use when needed, not only the company strives to provide quality services, convenience and speed. The institute has trained operations staff on disciplinary education and information technology development.


In addition, the company has been fulfilling its role in various social participation activities, and the company has implemented and adhered to all the guidelines of the National Bank of Cambodia, transparency of the institution, professionalism of employees, responsibilities and Ethics govern and the institution will strive to establish in a financial institution that is fundamentally honest.


Once again, BNKC (Cambodia) Plc. Would like to thank all the customers for their support in using our loan services. We wish you and your family good health.


Thank you!

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