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Message From CEO


Dear valued customers! On behalf of BNKC (Cambodia) Microfinance Institution Plc., I would like to deeply thank you to all the 3172 customers who love, support and believe in our loan services for more than 4 years.

I am LEE Daekwang, Chief Executive Officer of BNKC (Cambodia) Microfinance Institution Plc., I put all of my best effort physically and mentally to fulfill the customers’ needs based on my professional experience in credit operation for several years.

Over the past years of operation, our institution tries our best to correct the tragedy that happen to the customers; we promise to speed-up our service for better, provide the stability of economy and to help the customer in difficult situation.

My dream and all level of employees; we hope our institution will be developed, grow in every field, especially in human resources and credit services. In order to achieve this dream; we set the clear strategy, cleverness of leadership skill, adjust the organizational structure and improve our internal training and external training to our employees.

Meanwhile in the development of human resources and credit services, our institution tries our best to follow the principle and procedure which align to Prakas of National Bank of Cambodia; and ministries or other relevant institutions in order to guarantee that there is transparency, correctness, neutralism and sustainability for the upcoming future.

Taking everything into account, I sincerely hope that our customers still believe in our institution as well as to support in the future for successful. I wish our valued customers and our employees for happiness, healthy, successful in everything you wish for.

Thank you!

LEE Dae Kwang

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