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Message From CEO


I am Park Byoung Soo, a President & CEO of BNKC (Cambodia) Microfinance Institution Plc.

Firstly, I would like to thanks all clients for your supporting, encouraging, and loving the BNKC. Our company has started operating smoothly without any problems. Even though our role is relatively small, but we hope that we could be a useful help to our clients and the economic growth in Cambodia.

In 2015, the BNKC was growing a bit fast with sustainable and expanding to any area in Cambodia. As the result of our work, there are 113 clients have been received the financial service from BNKC with loan disbursement amount USD 2,049,463.34. They are living in Phnom Penh City (12 districts, 35 communes 61 Villages). The quality loan is very good as well as PAR >30 Days is 0% (Zero percentage).  

Moreover, we have trained our employees to be the professional financial staffs through providing the internal and external training course as job required. There are 11 internal training courses, 5 external training courses and 7 workshops that our employees have been delivered. Beside these, we provided a great opportunity for our employees to learn more about the key success of BNK Capital’s operation and Korean culture, so they can upgrade capacity to improve their work and can contribute to develop the BNKC (Cambodia) Microfinance Institution Plc. in future.

Additionally, we have promoted on corporate social responsibility as well as donated USD 1,000 to Kuntha Bopha Hospital for contributing to help Cambodian Children.

As result above, I believe that the key success of our company is depend on the quality of human including clients and employees which means that they are happiness, professionalism work and made a good culture.

We will manage in according to the philosophy mainly emphasize on the long term upbringing human resources basically contributing to the company growth. This is not just a short term goal or a temporary implementation. Eventually, we will develop ourselves to be a representative of Microfinance sector in Cambodia.

We will enhance our work to make the profit which benefit to both employees and clients. We will continuous working smart to reach our goals in the near future. “The success of our client is our dream”.

We wish you all have a good luck and happiness!

Thank you!

Park Byoung Soo

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